Monday, August 31, 2009

Pulpit Madness

I'm all for freedom of speech, but this freak needs to be placed in a psychiatric hospital for observation:
And here I thought all nut jobs spawned from the south…

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Dip Stick Anchors

More proof that the right-wing is comprised of a complete array of dip-sticks:
Gee, is such a revelation a true surprise?

Don't these people ever become embarrassed by their own lack of education, basic incredibility and excessive bigotry?

Irish Funny Bone

My favorite part of the Irish wake held for Senator Kennedy yesterday:
I laughed so hard listening to John Culver that tears were streaming down my face by the end of his sixteen-minute eulogy. It was an example of a perfect Irish wake.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Mirrored Inhumanity

From the London Times:
Gordon Brown is facing a Labour revolt over plans to cut the benefits of the poorest families by up to £15 a week, The Times can reveal.

What is it about the self-described upper echelons in America and across the pond that drives them to further humiliate the disadvantaged or the less financially endowed? Why not take away entitlements from the snoot-nosed politicians and grumblers nestled in the armpit of the far right?

For lack of a better idiom, the scum of the earth hath no conscience.

Inspired Loyalty

A wonderful article about Senator Kennedy's extraordinary staff:
That Ted Kennedy inspired such loyalty and work ethics in the poisonous political climate currently at play is nothing short of miraculous.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Hate Train

GOP hypocrisy and hate rhetoric rolls on:
McCain appeased the attendee with: "You're exactly right. That's why I want to make health care insurance available and affordable to you sir." Last night, during an interview on Fixed News, McCain said: "America just is not ready for quality government-run health care."
In other words, disadvantaged former residents of New Orleans are "debris" in Boortz's eyes, and more than likely viewed the same by bigoted right-wingers. What a lovely group of people they are! However, President Bush's ineptitude during the actual Katrina crisis in 2005 was already a glaring red flag to the dismal and hateful character of the GOP.

To me, Republicans represent divisiveness, bigotry and non-action. They have no intention or desire to help working Americans, mainly because they are consumed with vicious hatred for President Obama and are determined to see his policies fail whether they benefit the American people or not.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Honoring Kennedy

A perfect idea:
I've written about the tragic loss of Ted Kennedy on my primary blog Irish Eyes: Another Iconic Passing.

Pointless Displays

I am so unmoved by the continued idiocy displayed at town hall meetings that I find no reason to cite them anymore. They have quickly become redundant, not worth mentioning or contemplating in serious discussion.

Thus the lack of blog posts over the last several days.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Must Reads

Two articles I encourage everyone to read, especially if you have real concerns or doubts about healthcare reform:
I wish people could be reasonable in the face of serious issues rather than trying to drown out the truth with myths and deliberate misinformation. The American people are the ones suffering for it, not the right-wing fanatics who are only interested in the financial bottom line instead of the right to decent healthcare.

Frank Response

Good for Barney Frank:
It's about time someone fought back against the nut jobs and faux "grassroots" groups being purposely bussed into various town hall meetings.

Most elected officials don't have the courage to directly respond to freaks in the crowd in fear they won't be reelected, but Congressman Frank seems to have no problem in speaking the truth and dismissing those who would detract from the real issues at hand.

And he's funny to boot.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Work for Health

I wish there was a program like this where I live:
I had major surgery with an extended hospital stay in June 2008, and I'm still trying to pay off the hospital, as well as various doctors, labs and anesthesiologists. I have insurance, but the amount I was left to pay is still astronomical. I would be willing to work it off in the form of web design or other computer tasks, but the medical community in my area does not offer such options.

Unfortunately I live in a Republican-dominated state, so I guess I shouldn't be surprised.

Poll Be Damned

I find the results of this poll very hard to believe:
However, this makes perfect sense:

The South, unlike the rest of the country, appears to have their TV dials stuck on "FOX NEWS." Except for the youth, that is. 82 percent of 18-29-year-old respondents never watched FNC.

No wonder these people remain uninformed and ready to believe anything coming from the mouths of hate-mongers at Fixed News. I cannot look at the supposed "news channel" without becoming infuriated by the inaccurate reports and the obvious loathing anchors and guests have for President Obama.

Who can watch that kind of crap? People born and bred in the south, naturally – it certainly explains the poll numbers.

I'm perfectly happy to stick with MSNBC so I can receive accurate reporting without the obligatory hate-commentary. Objective people want facts, not the biased gobbledygook offered by Fixed News.

Unless you're from the south, of course.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Right-Wing Disregard

If this isn't a glaring sign that we need healthcare reform as soon as possible, I don't know what is:
Thank God for RAM (Remote Area Medical). What other options are available for the people flooding the LA Forum to receive free healthcare? None, of course - or they wouldn't be there in the first place.

Right-wing legislators need to get off their politically-motivated stumps and work for the people of America instead of encouraging misinformation and creating public divisiveness.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Telling Census

Take a look at the new MSNBC/Newsvine Poll:
As of 11:30 a.m. today, 52.3% of poll-voters think "A Republican Party/conservative movement -- less than seven months removed from the White House – is stoking anger in hopes it will return them to power."

Smart Ads

Too bad more companies don't yank their advertising from substandard television programs:
According to Think Progress, other companies have also withdrawn their advertising from Beck's offensive program, including Proctor & Gamble, Progressive Insurance, Lexis-owned Lawyers.Com, Men's Wearhouse and Sargento Cheese.

Good Marks

President Obama did an excellent job at his town hall meeting in New Hampshire yesterday.

He debunked the ridiculous myths circulating about healthcare reform with ease and clarity. His steady-hand makes the right-wing faux protesters appear even more absurd in their continued fanaticism.

It's unfortunate not all town hall meetings can be conducted in such a civilized and productive manner.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Blurred Litany

Is it any wonder Sarah Palin can't be taken seriously?
The fact that she commends Michele Bachmann in her statement is another red flag as to her intellectual density, although it fits into the right-wing fear-mongering party mould. Palin and Bachmann are cut from the same warped cloth. Anyone who listens to either of them and believes what they say is most likely uneducated, gullible, and predisposed against President Obama in the first place. It has naught to do with solutions or working together as Americans. Frankly, Palin's divisive nature and lack of intellect leads me to believe she has no idea what it is to be an American.

There is no such thing as a "death panel" in President Obama's healthcare plan, but Palin and her ilk continue to press the issue despite the facts.
An explanation of "end of life" care in the President's plan:

"This provision, which has been supported by the AARP, would allow senior citizens access to a professional medical counselor who will provide them with any information they might need about preparing a living will, providing medical power of attorney, and—if they are seeking this kind of advice—end of life decisions. These counseling sessions are not mandatory; they are simply made available to those who wish to use the service because they are unable to receive the information from another source. This means that if a senior is seeking such advice and guidance, Medicare would cover it. This measure would allow Medicare to compensate doctors for discussing with their patients the most difficult care choices—those that happen at the end of life. It would actually empower individuals to make the best decisions for themselves and their families, and better ensure that their wishes will be followed."

To get the real facts about the proposed healthcare plan, peruse the Health Insurance Reform Reality Check web site.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Discord or Die

Yet another conflict-ridden offering from Fixed News:
I don't know why I even bother mentioning the latest round of aid-and-abet right-wing antics. They are now so transparent in their divisive and hypocritical dealings that it's commonplace, perhaps a future footnote when history attempts to describe their laughingstock of a party.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Trickle of Acuity

CNN's "report card" on the second one hundred days of the Obama administration is interesting. Almost every category in the report – including the behavior of the media – received poor to failing grades.

However, "votes" submitted to form the report card were cast by a minuscule portion of the population so it's hard to take the statistics too seriously. For example, only 8,384 people voiced their opinion on President Obama's second one hundred days in office (rendering a C+ average grade).

Other "grades" included the performance of the Democratic Party in Congress (57% in the right direction based on 1,010 votes) and Republican leaders in Congress (53% in the wrong direction based on 1,010 votes).

As for President Obama personally, 72% of 1,026 votes indicate he inspires confidence while 53% felt he has clear plans for solving the country's problems.

The report card perhaps gives a hint of public evaluation, although I would be more apt to take it seriously if the number of participants numbered in the millions rather than the thousands.

Mob Misrule

The deliberate interference of recent town hall meetings reminds me of the McCain-Palin rally attendees during last year's election. In news clips, most of the disrupters appear as uneducated, uninformed and southern-drawled. I also believe many of the incoherent exhibitions are racially motivated because there is a certain faction of the population who still refuse to accept Barack Obama as President.
Some of the "protesters" are now inciting unchecked violence, another reminder of the McCain-Palin rallies. It doesn't take much effort to whip-up the easily-led into aimless frenzies, even displays that border on "mob" mentality.

As is typical, the right-wing would rather spread fear and lies through staged outrage instead of offering their own viable solutions. They also seem intent on stopping other people from making their own choices, whether it has to do with healthcare, abortion or other social issues.

If any group of people projects from a Nazi-like stance, it is the extreme members of the GOP who scream and shout over anyone who doesn't agree with them. Promoting real progress and rational discussion is beyond the scope of their abilities at this point, which renders them virtually ineffectual in the scheme of things.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Pretense Be Gone

You had to know this was coming:
The GOP doesn't even make a pretense of working anymore.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Desperate Doings

The right-wing cannot even conduct or take part in honest town hall meetings:
GOP desperation has reached a ridiculous level. I'm sorry to say it's not at all surprising.