Sunday, July 4, 2010

More Righty Spew

I used to like Ted Nugent, and even saw him in concert in Reno a very long time ago, but the man's political views repulse me. He's entitled to his opinion just like anyone else, but its people of his ilk who represent the fanatical element of the right-wing. Frothing at the mouth, you might say, with very little to offer in the way of rationality.

Nugent's recent comment that we have "a clueless, rookie president hellbent on spending like a maniac as unprecedented debt piles up all around him" is hypocrisy in the extreme. Where was Nugent when George W. Bush was spending like a drunken sailor, or when the economy crashed with Bush at the helm?

And to think I wasted my hard-earned money on a few of his albums, not to mention one forgettable concert.

Froth at a Glance

I've been swamped with work for the past month or so, which is a poor excuse at best for not keeping current with my political blogging. However, in my defense, not much new has been happening in the continuum other than typical right-wing froth and boring attempts to further discredit the president and his administration on all fronts.

There are some days I don't even listen to the news because it seems to be much of the same, day after day. I'm not referring to the oil spill, but to the ongoing and tiresome divisiveness between political parties.

Here are some little treasures that caught my eye this morning:

And is this any surprise?

He joins illustrious company with Franklin Pierce, James Buchanan, Warren Harding and Andrew Johnson, who round out the bottom five.

However, the topper last week came from the typically verbose and scarily irrational Rush Limbaugh: "We are now governed by people who do not like the country; our greatest threat is internal." He is also convinced President Obama has no intention of growing private sector jobs because it's "payback" time for years of racial injustice in America.

His babble is suggestive of the Republican mindset. The worst part is people actually listen to him, and believe what he says to be gospel.

I hope to see the day when the GOP has rational representation, although such an event is highly doubtful.