Friday, January 20, 2012

Ads & Endorsements

This is the "political" portion of my Irish Eyes blog entry about advertisements and endorsements:

The worst of the ad lots are products promoted by celebrities. I can't think of anything less influential or less credible than a celebrity endorsement. Who wouldn't hawk a product if they were paid gobs of money to do so? The product or cause could be a load of crap for all we know, and I'm not willing to spend the dough to find out otherwise - no matter who is at the advertising helm. I've been a fan of The Rolling Stones for decades, but I definitely would not buy a product endorsed by Mick Jagger or his band mates just because they insist on its goodness.

The same applies to celebrities endorsing political candidates. Who cares what they think, for God's sake? Their opinions are no more viable than anyone else's, even if they try to lead us to believe they have insight into their particular candidate. To me, it's just another example of the high and mighty who believes American masses are nothing more than a tribe of idiots with no thoughts of our own. Of course, there are idiots among us (including the high and mighty), but for the most part we are all quite capable of understanding the political spectrum and arriving at a decision on our own.

I care as much about political candidate endorsements as I do the right-wing opinions of my neighbors. I'm just not interested. I'm old enough to know my own preferences, and I've heard all the arguments many times before

And that's all I have to say about that

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Clown Show

I've tried to keep my mouth shut about the assortment of clowns vying to be the GOP party candidate for President, but I can no longer bite my tongue.

Let's get real. None of the right-wing candidates inspire a great deal of confidence. In fact, I find most of them to be a major joke, some less than others. It's not my intention to unleash personal attacks per say, but please....can you imagine the robotic Ken-doll Mitt Romney as leader of the free world? Or Michele Bachmann - who likens herself to Margaret "Iron Lady" Thatcher - sitting in the Oval Office? And honestly, do we need another gunslinger wanna-be (Rick Perry) running the country? The scenarios are laughable, plain and simple.

All of them refuse to acknowledge the work President Obama has done, hiding their true feelings of ugly racism by attacks on his policies. I don't care how often or how vigorously they try to deny it, most wealthy (eg: white) people sitting in the right-wing echelon will never accept the President. We have the virtually non-functioning and aggressive blockage of Congress as a case-in-point. The right-wing mantra of Christian values et al is a load of hooey, conveniently used to suit their purposes in the moment.

I had to laugh out loud the other night when one of the candidates - can't recall which one - said it was time "to take our country back." Back from who, or what? If one of "them" is elected, does it mean we are to return to the destructive policies of George W. Bush via the demented Dick Cheney?

Who are they kidding?