Friday, October 29, 2010

Ad Weary

I'm so sick and tired of campaign ads on television, prerecorded telephone calls from various local and national candidates and an influx of crap – yes, I said crap – flooding my email inbox at the moment, I could care less who wins the various elections anymore.

And what difference will any of the elections make, really? As long as there are Republicans in the mix, nothing of great importance will get accomplished in Congress anyway.

If people used their brains instead of their silly prejudices as a basis for voting, the common folk might stand a chance.

However, we're all screwed in the current political environment.

Friday, October 8, 2010

On the Job

Some folks are making a big to-do about the fact that several figures in the Obama administration have resigned recently.

If they paid attention to history, it shows many key personnel resigned after a few years in almost every presidential administration. People burn out, plain and simple. Not many can keep the pace of twenty-hour days without time off to rest. Most of the resignations have nothing to do with internal division issues, but rather with personal well-being and other, less stressful, opportunities.

If only the rest of us had such problems.