Thursday, March 28, 2013

Differing Definitions

It's all how you look at it…

Most people on food stamps would rather not be doing so. Does the right-wing honestly think people enjoy the loss of dignity and self-respect?

I've been in both places, so I already know the answer. However, it's the complete lack of humanity from the so-called Christian right-wing that churns my disgust the most.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Chosen Among Us

It's as obvious as the elephant in the room. Just because he accepted disaster aid for New Jersey – and showed his appreciation to President Obama - Chris Christie is persona non-grata within his own party.
It says a lot about the GOP as a whole. If they won't even accept one of their own just for doing the job he was elected to do, how on earth can they convince people they are ready to open the door for minorities, the poor and the otherwise socially marginalized?

However, they have plenty of room for the likes of Todd Akin, proponent of the magiclady parts theory, or wannabe senator Richard Mourdock, who believes rape babies are a gift from God – not to mention top right-wing nut jobs such as Palin and Trump.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Swiss Equity

How I wish the United States had a similar measure:
From Think Progress: Voters in Switzerland overwhelmingly approved new measures to clamp down on executive pay. Under the approved referendum — which means that the new provisions will be added to the Swiss constitution — shareholders will have the ability to veto executive pay packages, so-called "golden parachutes" will be outlawed, and executives who defy the rules could see jail time.

In a semi-related story, the New York Times reports that Corporate Profits Have Risen Almost 20 Times Faster Than Workers' Incomes Since 2008.