Sunday, February 28, 2010

Power to the People

I reiterate: Until a substantial and legitimate healthcare bill passes, members of Congress should be denied their own medical insurance coverage. Perhaps this would light a fire underneath their seats and force them to get the job done.

I've heard it mentioned by certain commentators on political television sideshows, albeit briefly, and the notion is quickly dismissed. No one wants to explore the possibility of non-coverage for members of Congress, and I don't understand why. As voters, we have the power. Let's hold our elected government representatives feet to the fire until they accomplish something, once and for all.

Perhaps I sound like a raving lunatic, but I know I'm not the only one who feels the frustration and anger at the lack of action in D.C.

I am sick and tired of the time-wasting vitriol going back and forth between members of the Democratic and Republican parties. Each one of them likes to begin their argumentative statements with "The American people want…" They have no idea what the American people want, or they would be doing it instead of prolonging the process with rehashed debates.

Let one of their children or spouse go without health insurance coverage for awhile and see how fast something happens.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Malice McCain

Against my better judgment, I listened to the Healthcare Summit on MSNBC this morning. It goes without saying I was hesitant to tune-in because my expectations included typical right-wing denial and disagreement.

Of course I wasn't far off the mark, but I was still disappointed. I truly thought the right-wing would pull their fingers out for the public; to at least try and display a smidge of cooperation or a desire to legitimately participate in the summit. Even on live television, the Republicans cannot set aside their hatred of President Obama and work for the people who elected them.

However, there was an entertaining moment in the morning session. So far, it's my favorite scene from the summit:

In [another] sharp exchange, onetime GOP presidential nominee Senator John McCain suggested that Obama had broken his campaign promise to make the legislative process transparent.

"We're not campaigning anymore," Obama retorted to his 2008 presidential campaign rival. "The election is over."

Another irritation was the reference to the health insurance coverage currently enjoyed by members of Congress and federal employees. As taxpayers, we pay for the lot. Why should members of Congress have the best insurance coverage in the nation while others go without?

Perhaps senators and congressmen/women should forego their own health benefits and excessive pensions in order to save the average taxpayer a few dollars. The money saved could be put into a big pot to cover American citizens in need of healthcare rather than the over-privileged and self-involved members of Congress.

Party Face

Interesting article:
Funny, I also tend to assume someone's political party from their demeanor. I don't mean to boast, but more often than not I get it right.

From the article by Andrew Price:

...Republicans' faces tended to score higher on a measure of "power," based on how dominant and mature they looked. Democrats' faces scored higher for "warmth," as based on their perceived likeability and trustworthiness.

However, I don't assume on "power" or "warmth." To me, Republicans have a particular air that relates to several extreme religions: a blank, glazed stare; holier-than-thou stance; rigidness, and self-styled superiority. None of which exemplifies knowledge and common sense.

Repulsive, yes, but that’s the way of it.

Credit Foul

This is an issue that defies belief:
How on earth can one protect their credit rating when they can't find work to pay the bills? Is having an avalanche of unpaid medical bills because of lack of insurance and employment an indicator of job skills or work ethics?

And whose bright idea was it to include credit rating as hiring criteria? It has nothing to do with job performance, and frankly is not the business in any way, shape or form of one's employer.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Media Recoil

I have reached a point where I avoid television news coverage like the plague.

I am saturated with negative, vitriolic and pointless repartee between political parties. The selfish bastards – Democrats and Republicans alike – are thinking of their own careers and questionable agendas, not of doing the jobs their constituents elected them to do.

It seems as if every bit of "live" commentary rehashes the same old issues, where focus is placed on the ridiculous rather than the serious problems at hand.

I've even stopped listening to my beloved MSNBC as I work at my computer during the day. They have become just as bad as CNN by allowing the flow of nasty back-and-forth.

I'll get my news in quiet internet fashion from now on, or until the hogwash subsides.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

To the Curb

The current sense of glee from certain members of the GOP is a bit premature, if you ask me. Most right-wing numb-nuts think the retirement of several key Democrats in government signals their death knell in the next election.

I have a different position on recent events. The general public is tired of the non-action in Washington, period. It doesn't matter if representatives are Democrat or Republican at this point. When the business of the nation is stalled because of pure obstructionism and self-interest, no one really cares about the nature of the party anymore.

Prediction: Come election time, I believe most incumbents will lose their seats because of their non-accomplishment and newly-elected officials will reflect the opposite party of their opponents.

Put simply, the "people" are sick and tired of being treated like idiots and receiving nothing in return from the people they voted into office. It's time to kick the bums to the curb, no matter how long they have held their privileged seats.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Handy Tea Bag

Is it any wonder this woman is not taken seriously?
She was caught red-handed, so to speak.

I did not watch the Tea Party paid-speech on television, unwilling to listen to more right-wing nonsense or rather more of the same uneducated gobbledygook.

However, of the few hundred present in the room I'm sure there must have been glee in the knowledge they scored Palin - for a fee, mind you.

I believe it underscores the tea-party-goers' deep-seated and bigoted hatred of President Obama more than anything else and not their proclaimed disagreements over his policies.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Swine Club

The ignorance of this man knows no bounds:
I am not a resident of South Carolina and therefore have no real interest in their internal issues. However, since Mark Sanford's "scandal" last year I think he would want to draw as little attention to himself as possible. The man is a joke, both morally and politically. Because of his self-inflicted personal drama, hypocrisy and dubious governing, he has no real credibility – kind of like one of his right-wing comrades.

On that note, last night I found myself watching ABC's "news" program 20/20. It's not my typical viewing choice for a Friday evening, but after a bit of channel-surfing following Medium, I came across Jenny Sanford speaking to Barbara Walters about her marriage.

One word kept coming to mind as I listened to the poor woman talk about her husband and her life with him. Pig. The man is a pig. Not only did Jenny Sanford give up a promising career to marry the dumb bastard, she devoted herself to his political ambitions. In all likelihood, her selfless efforts propelled him into congress and into the South Carolina governorship.

And what does she get in return? A self-involved philanderer who had the utter bloodlessness to declare his mistress "soul mate" in front of the world after he was caught out in his lies. Instead of honoring his wife's loyalty and devotion to him, Sanford tromped on her like she was a piece of garbage instead of returning the respect she was due.

Self-entitlement and moral ineptitude is not confined to the right-wing. At the moment I'm also disgusted by the behavior of John Edwards, although he was never at the top of my choice of presidential candidates.

I'm not one to tout anything done by members of the right-wing, but the actions of Jenny Sanford following the scandal made her different from the rest. Instead of "standing by her man," she left him in the dust - which is where he belongs.

For that she should be applauded.