Wednesday, September 22, 2010

GOP Frothing

How can the GOP claim to have solutions for job creation and spending control when it was one of their own - namely George W. Bush – who got us into the current mess in the first place?

In addition, their plan to repeal President Obama's healthcare law will only intensify problems with the economy as more uninsured people show up in emergency rooms for general care.

The right-wing's overreaction and overreach is symbolic of their inability to address serious issues facing America. They make a big to-do about solving problems and then sit on their hands and accomplish absolutely nothing. The sickest aspect of their display is that certain types of people follow their every word as if it were gospel, frothing at the mouth and seizing on any excuse to discredit the president and his agenda.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Block FOX

A very worthwhile place to visit:

From the site:

We don't have to let Fox's attempts to stoke fear and hate shape our country's politics and culture. It's easy to turn off Fox News in our own homes — but when TVs in public places are tuned to Fox, that also spreads fear, division, and misinformation. Turn Off Fox is about ordinary people and small businesses working together to reduce Fox's influence in their own communities and across the country.

Couldn't have said it better myself.

Foes of the People

After almost two years of offering little in the way of alternative solutions, the GOP finally gives their best:
According to Think Progress' Wonk Room:

In fact, extending the Bush tax cuts provides just 10 to 40 cents in economic activity for every dollar spent, compared with up to $1.20 for a dollar spent on infrastructure. As CBO said: "a permanent extension [of the Bush tax cuts] would entail large revenue losses after the recovery is over, so its effects on output and employment in the next few years per dollar of total budgetary cost would be much lower."

In typical selfish fashion, Republicans opt to protect their own interests rather than those of the constituents who elected them. It also shows blatant mockery of the level of public intelligence, which is erroneously and yet gleefully touted as
"the will of the people."