Saturday, March 24, 2012

Stranger than Fiction

Love this picture - speaks for itself, doesn't it? Thanks to Teabonics and Blue Ollie for the reference!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Debatable Intentions

I'm not sure if it’s my predisposition to the left or if I'm among the many who feel this way, but I find it very hard to take any of the Republican candidates seriously.

I keep imagining future Presidential debates, and inevitably Barack Obama always comes out the winner. Whoever wins the GOP primary – Romney, Santorum, Gingrich, Paul – will never be able to hold a candle to the President in a serious, one-on-one debate. He'll simply wipe the floor with them. It's not just his forward accomplishments and track record – which cannot be factually disproven no matter how much negative chatter emanates from the right – it's his innate calmness, gift-of-gab, natural command and clear grasp of all political scenarios. None of the Republican candidates seem to have a deep understanding of the issues, nor do they appear to have a sincere connection with common, everyday people.

I listened to all the "Super Tuesday" coverage yesterday, and one theme seemed to be prevalent amongst most of the political pundits: The majority of conservatives are desperate to remove President Obama from office, even if means casting their vote for an unqualified right-wing candidate. Silly me - I thought doing right by the American people was top priority, not personal career advancements. It speaks volumes about the right-wing agenda, frankly, which is fully demonstrated by their ineffectual version of Congress.

Some might argue that replacing President Obama is "doing right" by the American people, which I heartily disagree with. Can you imagine going back to the days of an unchecked Wall Street, cuts in benefits for the poor and elderly, reversal of stem cell research, religious and moral bigotry, dismissal of global warming and free tax rides for the rich, just to name a few?

A return to right-wing policies will throw our nation backward, not forward, and bodes nothing but ill for the future of our country.